​Creating the Best Extracts I know How



I love the Madagascar vanilla that I got from you! It has a rich vanilla flavor that you cant get from the grocery store vanilla.  Cathy K. Beavercreek, Ohio

I recently received the Madagascar vanilla and I absolutely love it!  You can tell by smelling it that it is quality product, and the taste is heavenly! I will be trying you other varieties next.  L. Sharknis Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania 

About Chef JC's Extracts

Why Chef JC's

     Hello, my name is Josh and I am the owner of Chef JC's.  I create some of the best vanillas, fruit, and coffee extracts buy slowing down the process of extracting the oils and flavors out of the beans or fruits. There're no fancy methods here, just time, alcohol, and a little patience.  It may not be fast but I believe it produces a great tasting product.

     At Chef JC's we don't use any preservatives, colors, or sugars so our products are as natural as they can be.  

     My products can used any many places around the kitchen.  The vanillas are great for baking, and flavoring your morning coffee.  The citrus extracts are great for further flavoring some of your favorite dishes,. Lime for fajitas, guacamole, icings, cookies, maybe a mixed drink, etc. The lemon is great for cakes, icings/ glazes, part of a marinade for chicken or fish.  The orange is good for everything from above but also brownies, and hot chocolate.  Last but certainly not least the coffee extract- made with Highlander Grogg Coffee Beans from Twisted River Coffee out of Dayton, Ohio.  This extract is very aromatic and flavorful and best yet not bitter!  Can be used to enhance chocolate, it takes the chocolate flavor of cakes, brownies, hot chocolate etc to new dimensions- also good to flavor a homemade ice cream.  

     At Chef JC's we are striving to make the best extracts for you and your friends and families.  My products are pure and natural- ready to be used in food, or as a artisan gift.  Also for those that live in Ohio, we are an Ohio proud Company meaning that we are 100% made in Ohio.