This is one of my ingredient labels.  Notice the difference?

This is a bottle of vanilla that I found at the store, it is an imitation vanilla extract, but what I want you see is all the added stuff that is in it 

 Chef JC's   

Why Chef JC's?

Hi, my name is Josh and I am the owner of Chef JC's. I create some of the best vanilla, coffee and fruit extracts by using the old school methods of pulling the essential oils out of the vanilla & coffee beans or fruit skins.  There're no fancy methods here, just time, alcohol, and a little patience.  It may be the slow way, but it is also the best way to produce an extract that tastes and smells wonderful. 

I do not use any preservatives, added color, added sugar, or anything else for that matter - making these some of the best extracts around. 

The vanilla beans come from Madagascar, Mexico and Hawaii.  I order in some of the best vanilla beans I have seen - certainly better than the ones in the store aisles and yes, it can be more costly, but the flavor that I pull out can be intoxicating.  When I open a bottle of Chef JC's vanilla extract, I cannot wait to start baking / cooking. These vanillas are also great in coffee and hot chocolate or smoothies. Madagascar vanilla is a basic, bold vanilla. Mexican vanilla has a slight cinnamon flavor. The Hawaiian vanilla is a bit sweeter and lighter than the others.

The citrus fruits I use are limes, oranges, and lemons - these fruits are very aromatic and fill the kitchen with their delightful aromas when I make their extracts.  There are all kinds of uses for citrus extracts - the lime could be used in fajitas, guacamole or even your favorite cocktail - say a mojito or a margarita!  The orange makes a wonderful add-in to your cinnamon roll or pound cake glaze, brownies or mixed in your favorite smoothie.  The lemon is a favorite when mixed into a glaze for sugar cookies & pound cake or for lemon chicken and fish on the grill or baked in the oven.  

The Highlander Grogg extract is very aromatic, very flavorful and non-bitter (as other coffees tend to be). It is used to enhance the flavor of chocolate - brownies, cakes and icing or hot chocolate. It makes great tiramisu and homemade ice cream!

At Chef JC's, we are striving to make the best extracts for you and your friends; my products are pure and ready to be used by you or they could be sent as an artisan gift to that someone special.   

Also, for those that live in Ohio, we are an Ohio Proud company, meaning that we are 100% made in Ohio!!