5 oz size

Chef JC's Lemon Extract is wonderfully delicious.  It will add a pop of lemon to whatever  dish or drink you decide to make.  Great in salad dressing, an adult beverage or add a teaspoon or two into your favorite glaze for baked goods. Available in 2 oz and 5 oz sizes.

Chef JC's Lemon Extract

The Hawaiian Vanilla Beans I use are the only kind of bean that grows in the USA.  These vanilla beans are a very rare find.  They, too, have similar flavors to that of the Madagascar, but these beans also carry a deviously light, candy sweet, slightly citrus flavor!  This is a wonderful vanilla for cakes, candy and icings or just to bring a sweetness to your dish. 

Chef JC's Hawaiian Vanilla Bean Extract

The Mexican Vanilla Beans I use are similar in flavor and aroma to the Madagascar, except these beans have a slight cinnamon flavor that can bring a dish to a surprising finish.  This vanilla extract will be wonderful if your dish already contains cinnamon or if you are just looking for that something extra.

Chef JC's Mexican Vanilla Bean Extract

The Madagascar Vanilla beans I use to create the Madagascar Vanilla Extract have one of the best aromas I have smelled yet to date.  They smell of wood, leather and of the sweet oil they carry.  This extract will prove to be a great addition to any kitchen. 

Chef JC's Madagascar Vanilla Bean Extract

Chef JC's Vanilla Products

5 oz size

Chef JC's Orange Extract

​​​Chef JC's Highlander Grogg Coffee Extract

Chef JC's Orange Extract is sure to wake up your taste buds!  It tastes wonderful when added to  cakes, brownies, glazes or icings on baked goods or in your favorite cocktails.  This can be added to a homemade dressing for a little pop of orange on your favorite salad. Makes refreshing smoothies, too.

Chef JC's Highlander Grogg is made with Twisted River Highlander Grogg coffee beans and is a favorite of coffee drinkers and chocolate lovers alike!  When added to chocolate, it gives an amazing depth of flavor highlighting your chocolate's best attributes. Just a teaspoon or two will flavor brownies, cakes, icings, ice cream, etc.  

2 oz size

Chef JC's Lime Extract

               5 oz size

2 oz size

 Chef JC's   

Chef JC's Lime Extract is made to be added into everything from tacos, guacamole and fajitas to margaritas and mojitos. This is also great in a homemade dressing or marinade! With a great  lime flavor you can't go wrong.

2 oz size