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•     Mexican Vanilla-The Mexican Vanilla Beans I use are similar in flavor and aroma to the Madagascar, except these beans have a slight cinnamon flavor that can bring a dish to a surprising finish.  This vanilla extract will be wonderful if your dish already contains cinnamon or if you are just looking for that something extra.Type your paragraph here.

4 oz Bottle $11

•     Hawaiian Vanilla- the Hawaiian Vanilla Beans I use are the only kind of bean that grows in the USA.  These vanilla beans are a very rare find right now.  They, too, have similar flavors to that of the Madagascar, but these beans also carry a deviously candy sweet, slightly citrus flavor!  Would be a wonderful vanilla for cakes, candy and icings or just to bring a sweetness to your dish.Type your paragraph here.

4 oz Bottle $11     

Vanilla Extract

•     Madagascar Vanilla - The Madagascar Vanilla beans I use to create the Madagascar Vanilla Extract have one of the best aromas I have smelled yet to date.  They smell of wood, leather and of the sweet oil they carry.  This extract will prove to be a great addition to any kitchen.  Type your paragraph here.

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